Saturday, March 21, 2009

Swing Update 3.21.09

Here's a look at my latest golf swing utilizing a right forearm at address method.

Let's break it down a bit into the two most noticeable improvements.

A noticeably flatter swing plane. You really cannot see it from the picture, but the clubface is now square at the top of the swing instead of being closed. I'm also no longer laid off at the top of the swing. And the downswing is incredibly improved. I also have had a problem with my head moving backwards in my downswing. I don't have the Face On view of my swing handy, but when I checked it, my head still moves backwards, but only half as much as it used to. I have scheduled another lesson with Ted Fort this Thursday.

I'm a bit unsure if this cured it or not, but I often get people asking me how to cure the 'laid off' move at the top. It's usually caused by a very flat angle of the *clubshaft* in the backswing and perhaps a bowing of the left wrist. I usually tell the golfer to feel like they are 'sticking their thumbs in their right ear at the top of the swing.' Which can work.

But here I have cured the 'laid off' move without even trying. The only difference is that I take the club more inside now and swing the club on a flatter plane. But note there's a big difference between a flat angle of the clubshaft and swinging a club on a flat plane. The former deals with the clubshaft alone. The latter deals with the angle of the left arm and the angle of the shoulders.

That being said, perhaps getting the right forearm on plane at address helped get rid of being laid off at the top of the swing. So you may want to try either -- or both.


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