Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog and Swing Updates

Just a quick update on some things. I just purchased Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine' as well as a new David Orr putting video and will purchase Peter Croker's videos on 'The Golfing Machine' soon. I also have scheduled a new lesson with Ted Fort on Saturday afternoon.

Of what little I've read of The Golfing Machine, I do understand it a lot more now. Still some parts I've had to read over and over since Mr. Kelley didn't make this the simplest book to understand. But now that I understand more of the Geometry of the swing and some other parts of what Mr. Kelley has been talking about with the help of people like Lynn Blake, Brian Manzella, Jeff Evans, David Orr and many others who I regrettably cannot remember at this moment. Hopefully with some diligent study and work along with Croker's videos I'll get a good grasp of the little yellow book.

Anyway, here's two more updated videos of my swing. I see some things I really don't like, but will wait until the lesson and see where we go from there:


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