Monday, March 2, 2009

A Look At Augusta National: #11 - 'White Dogwood'

Par 4
505 yards

Original Intent:"The second shot is usually played with a 3-iron or a stronger club, and a player must be bold indeed to go for the pin when it is in this location (left-hand side). ... a great many players play this hole safely to the right, relying on getting a long putt or chip dead for the par."- Bobby Jones, in Sports Illustrated, April 6, 1959

Significant Changes:
- Several trees removed on right side of fairway, 2007
- Fairway widened, 2007
- Tee moved back 10-15 yards, 2006
- Trees added to right side of fairway, 2006
- Dogwoods added to wooded area on left, 2006
- Fairway shifted to left, 2006

History Average Score: 4.29
History Average Rank: 4th


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