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Different Barrel Swing Patterns

I had been reading some of John Erickson's (aka 'lagpressure') posts over at Sevam1's board at

John talks a lot about Hogan's swing and him being a '4 Barrel Hitter.' Well, I didn't really know what that meant as I had heard that term bandied about before. So, let's take a look at 10-4 of 'The Golfing Machine.'

10-4-0. GENERAL Stroke Types are classified according to the number of Power Accumulators used and are termed Single, Double, Triple or Four Barrel Strokes. Variations are classified according to possible combinations within each Type -- which produces fifteen combinations (Variations).
Very simple here. Single barrell swing means only 1 of the power accumulator is used. Double means 2 of the power accumulators are used and so on and so forth. And between all of the barrel types (Single, Double, Triple and Four), there is a total of 15 combinations that can be possibly used by a golfer.

10-4-A SINGLE BARREL Immobilizing all Accumulators but one - any one - will produce a Stroke very limited in power and readily controlled - ideal for use on and around the green with either 12-1 or 12-2 Basic Patterns.

The Single barrel stroke means the golfer is only using one of the power accumulators and is the weakest shot power wise and is ideal for short game shots. Just in case you don't know or forgot, here's a post I had on the 4 power accumulators of the golf swing (

10-4-B DOUBLE BARREL The Double Barrel Combinations -- utilizeany two Accumulators - produce a wide variation of force, but theoretically, less than all that is available. A very satisfactory game can be developed without ever using more than a Double Barrel Power Package. Variations 3, 4 and 6 have quite limited variations.

1. 1st and 2nd Accumulators
2. 1st and 3rd Accumulators
3. 1st and 4th Accumulators
4. 2nd and 3rd Accumulators
5. 2nd and 4th Accumulators
6. 3rd and 4th Accumulators
Double barrel is the use of 2 accumulators and one can develop a solid game with a double barrel motion and gain some more power, but there's still plenty of more power to be had.

10-4-C TRIPLE BARREL Controlled application of three Accumulators in the Power Package requires increased skill, but there is a very profitable increase in power and versatility.

1. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Accumulators
2. 1st, 2nd & 4th Accumulators
3. 1st, 3rd & 4th Accumulators
4. 2nd, 3rd & 4th Accumulators
Triple Barrel = Three Accumulators used. The possible variations of the Triple Barrel are listed above.

10-4-D FOUR BARREL This high performance Four Accumulator Combination can produce many problems during its mastery by the player. But it can make the difference in top competition. Well controlled Double or Triple Barrel Combinations have little to fear from the Four Barrel Combination that is less than fully mastered.
The use of all four power accumulators in the swing has the highest performance. However, a golfer who has a well controlled Double or Triple Barrel swing has nothing to worry about from a golfer who uses a four barrel swing, but does not execute it properly and consistently.

Here's an excerpt from Jeff Mann's Web site (

Homer Kelley stated (1) that there are four power accumulators (numbered 1 through 4) and that three of those power accumulators are used in a set release sequence in a swinger 's full golf swing action - the sequence is 4:2:3. Homer Kelley referred to this swing action as a triple barrel action because three power accumulators are loaded and then released in the swinger's swing action. A hitter usually also has a triple barrel swing action, but he uses three different power accumulators in a different release sequence - 1:2:3. A skilled/experienced hitter can also use a four barrel action (use all the power accumulators in a set release sequence of 4:1:2:3), but a swinger cannot have a four-barrel action because a swinger should never actively use PA#1.
That underlined part is very important, especially the part that I bolded and italicized.

John Erickson (aka Lagpressure) is very against 'swinging' for the most part and I can see why. You can't hit the ball with your fullest ability 'swinging' as you can 'hitting.' I think in the end a 4-barrel hitter is more or less a 'switter' (swinging & hitting action). Here's a post that my instructor, Ted Fort, had about his own 4-barrel swing (

I'm using all 4 Barrels. I Float my Right Elbow in Start Down. I'm Dragging then Driving.
Meaning, Ted releases the #4 accumulator first, particularly in the start down. Then he starts releasing the #1 accumulator -- then the #2 accumulator --- then the #3 accumulator.

Maximum power and maximum precision when executed properly.

This is what Erickson's '4 barrel swing' looks like:


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