Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Look At Augusta National: #15 - 'Fire Thorn'

Par 5
530 Yards

Original Intent:"It is not only an interesting three-shot hole, as one will be maneuvering for position from the tee shot onwards, but also a magnificent two-shot hole, as a skillful and courageous player will, aided by a large hillock to the right, be able to pull his second shot around to the green. A pond in front of the green provides the penalty for the long player who fails to make a perfect second shot."- Alister Mackenzie, from the first Masters program

Significant Changes:
- Eight to 9 yards added to the front of the tee, scorecard yardage remained 530 yards, 2009
- Tee moved back 25-30 yards, 2006
- Tee shifted about 20 yards to golfer's left, 2006

History Average Score: 4.79
History Average Rank: 18th



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