Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Look At Augusta National: #18 - 'Holly'

On TV the drive looks extremely narrow, but it actually opens up quite a bit and for the single digit handicapper it probably doesn't take a whole lot to find the fairway, but if you do hit a poor shot you're likely in trouble. The big difference with the tee moved back is no longer can the long hitters just bomb it out left into the rough and not find any trouble.

The description below says that 'Holly' was becoming a 'creampuff finish', but I really do not buy that since it's still a tough green to hit into and get anything close. Now with the tee moved back it's even harder to get that approach shot close. However, it's back to fitting into the type of golf hole Bobby Jones originally had in mind.

Par 4
465 Yards

Original Intent:"The front area of this green is nicely molded to receive a pitch and provide a good putt for a birdie when the hole is cut here. Yet a ball driven to the left side of the fairway safely away from the trees must be pitched quite closely over the guarding bunker."- Bobby Jones, in Sports Illustrated, April 6, 1959

Significant Changes:

- Tee moved back 55-60 yards and moved to the golfer's right five yards, 2002
- Bunker complex adjusted, 2002.

Did It Work?

Yes. The closing hole is no longer a cream puff finish. Although big hitters can still reach it with a short iron, the tee shot is now one of the most demanding on the course and bailing out left is not an option.

History Average Score: 4.23
History Average Rank: 6th



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