Monday, March 9, 2009

Officially Done With

About a week ago the moderators over at, a place I frequently posted at, stated that they didn't want any more posts from instructors who promoted their site, lessons, videos, books, etc. This came right after a post by somebody working with Geoff Jones (aka SliceFixer) promoting an upcoming golf school in Atlanta. However, if an instructor was a sponsor of the site they could promote themselves pretty much all they want.

Fair enough. I understand that perfectly.

Then I just read this over at David Orr's forum:

I have just been banned or locked down from for my posts being too promotional...It's very unfortunate for I feel I've been very giving of FREE information and Insight. I really think their Forum is a great place and well run...But "policed" a little unfairly or too tightly to promote only people that pay a "sponsorship"! It is a little unfair to the consumer...I purposely never linked to my site, published my rates, posted the sale of my videos, singly promoted one brand (even though everyone knows I have a contract with Titleist and putter-fit with an Edel System), told people who asked borderline questions to PM me, or broke any of the rules blatantly! That's okay we'll just have to help others elsewhere!
I've pretty much read every single post David has made over there at and what he posted is the absolute truth without any exaggeration. He has not once promoted himself and if anybody has promoted him, it's people who have gone to see him for a lesson or watched one of his videos. In the meantime, David has given out tons of info, data and advice for FREE. And this is the thanks he gets.

I don't believe that I will have any impact on not posting there anymore, but that's not the point. The point is that you don't treat people like that and I will not be associated with anything that treats people in this manner. And at this rate, I estimate that I won't be the only one and the people who will suffer are the posters looking for golf game instructional advice.


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