Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Much Right Side by Manzella

I hate to put too many Manzella videos in a row, but I felt this was such a good video that it needed to be posted here. One of the reasons why golf is so hard is that it's often a game of 'trust' and being able to execute those mechanics or the shot and trusting those mechanics and/or your knowledge.

For instance, one of the things I work on with a friend of mine is getting him to hit the ball first, then take divot. No matter how many videos I show him, the mechanics I teach him, etc...he still has some issues with trusting the fact that you need to hit the ball firt then take the divot. That's because for years and years he's had the concept of taking a divot behind the ball.

I think the same thing happens here with use of the right side. There's so many people that hear 'too much right side' and then they tend to avoid it all together and it makes for a swing that does not fulfill its potential.


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