Monday, July 6, 2009

Richie3Jack 1st Annual Top 50 Teachers -- Part II

Here's Part II ---

Geoff Jones
Texarkana, AR

Steve Khatib
Melbourne, Australia

Damon Lucas
Upper Marlboro, MD

Geoff Mangum
Greensboro, NC

Brian Manzella
New Orleans, LA

Greg McHatton
Valencia, CA

Kelvin Miyahira
Oahu, HI

Tom Ness
Alpharetta, GA

Pia Nilsson
Phoenix, AZ

Rob Noel
Abita Springs, LA

David Orr
Buies Creek, NC

Mike Perpich
Alpharetta, GA

Andy Plummer
West Linn, OR

Brad Pluth
Chanhassen, MN

Brady Riggs
Van Nuys, CA

John Rohan-Weaver
Burleson, TX

Kevin Shields
McMurray, PA

Neil Smith
Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, UK

Paul Smith
The Vines, Australia

Todd Sones
Vernon Hills, IL

Harold Swash
Southport, Merseyside, UK

Justin Tang

VJ Trolio
West Point, MS

Stan Utley
Scottsdale, AZ

Simon Williams
Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK



cal7426 said...

I've had lessons from Simon Williams in the UK and he is excellent. Just curious as to how you know of him and come to rate him so highly?

Kevin said...

Tough list to do, but for the teachers on the list who I have studied I think you have nailed it. A lot of my favorites are on your list Rich.

My personal list of those who I have learned the most from would also include Richie3Jack.

I think it's an absolute crime that Golf Digest does not list guys like Manzella, Blake, Fort... Whether you like their personalities or not, they have proven themselves to be among the best.

3 Guys on your list that some do not know are Paul Hart and Paul Smith and John Erickson. All three would be on my list as well.

Also fun to see my friend Jeff Evans getting some well deserved props!


Rich H. said...

Brian Manzella explained the voting process. It's a voting process by PGA Teaching Pros as the voters and they can select up to 12 names, but they only get a list of 80 names to choose from. So if you're a teacher not on the list, then you cannot be selected. I know it would be a pain in the ass, but Golf Digest should let you pick any teacher. I'm guessing the same teachers would still rank high, but this would allow for new teachers to be included. I also don't like the fact that you have a bit of bias as people may vote for somebody like McLean who either employs that voter or that voter hopes to be employed by him one day.

I don't include myself since I do not meet the criteria of somebody who gets paid for lessons. John Erickson does have a program that he has developed where somebody can learn online and he gets paid for that, so he qualifies as a teacher IMO. If Mike Maves had that going on, I would have included him in a heartbeat. I've learned so much from Mike that I often wish I was articulate enough to give him the credit I think he deserves.

I had a reader e-mail me about lessons they received from Simon Williams and his YouTube videos (he uses the hand 'BeltonParkPro') are excellent. I think he has a great knowledge of the golf swing, how to teach the swing and gets really good results quickly from his students, so that's why he was in my top 50.

Unknown said...

Rich - I don't see a teacher in the seattle area. Would you have any reccomendations?

Rich H. said...

Unfortunately I do not have any recommendations for a teacher in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Ryan I'm in seattle have you found anyone yet that is a good teacher that teaches hitting? or TGM?

Let me know if so :)