Friday, July 24, 2009

Right Forearm Takeaway Videos

Got a couple of videos for you. The first up is a video I made explaining my interpretation of the Right Forearm Takeaway. The second video is a David Orr video explaining the right forearm takeaway as well.



Kevin said...

David's video made me understand right forearm fanning, it was key to my understanding of that TGM concept.

Your video takes it even further, expanding upon how to set up with the right forearm on plane, along with it's merits. I agree 100%. It has helped my ball striking IMMENSELY.

Richie, your video will not only make me more confident in my own game, but the way you explain it will assist me in my teaching BIG TIME.

Thanks again for all the time you spend educating us on your blog!


Greg Brown said...

Another good one. You make an interesting point at 6:35 about how its very difficult to RFT with the standard address versus on plane.

Can I ask a you a question on the hands controlled pivot? Do you feel like the left shoulder is just turned by those hands going back or are you turning around your spine access with the left shoulder consciously? I am struggling with having a very static motion just hands controlling everything, its like I need to have the hands work the pivot yet feel like I still am using some energy to turn that left shoulder back around.

Greg (gmbtempe)

Rich H. said...

Thanks guys.

For me, it's just 'fan the right forearm' and I'm off to the races. Some people debate it as a 'delayed pivot', but basically I fan the forearm and don't actively think about pivoting. Then as I cannot fan the forearm anymore, then I start pivoting back at the same time as I 'do the war chant.' If you want to flatten out your swing, just monitor the right elbow and try to keep it 'nearby' the right rib cage.

The big thing about the fanning forearm takeaway for me is that I am no longer thinking about things like 'what direction will I send the clubhead back' or 'squaring the clubface' or about pivoting. Just fan the forearm and you're off to a great start.

Elbow needs to be at a fixed position as you fan it back!

TeddyIrons said...

Thanks for the video. I have a similar comment to Greg in that with fanning there is a tendancy for me to not get a full shoulder turn, and so I do feel it necessary to also conciously move the left shoulder for a proper pivot. Early days yet however.

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