Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Club Ho's...Be Prepared to Drool

Saw this video promoting an upcoming Web site at www.golfontherun.com...going thru the PGA Tour equipment and repair truck. And just to think, I was given grief when I wanted to bend my Mizuno's 2 degrees upright.



Mr said...

Great site, lots of info and updates, thank you!

One question, I have adopted the "hitting" swing type mechanism with absolutely astounding results. I have actually lowered my HC index by 5 whole strokes from 20 to 15,2 in the span of about 5 months since adopting to this type of swing. My ball striking is much much more crisp, I am longer and straighter and couldnt be happier, I have practiced this thing religiously every day (it´s fun working on your swing:). One thing, on occasion I hit these wild disastrous balls way off to the right. They may even be hosel strikes or if not, my face is wildly open and their trajectory are always low to very low. If I didn´t have these shots my hcp would be even lower. Any idea what mechanism could be behind a super open face at impact, or even a hosel strike. Might have to get me a camera to find out though, guess my info is pretty vague, but if you have any ideas. Im really trying to weed these shots out of my game.

Kind regards.

Jon Thorlacius

Rich H. said...

Can't really tell without seeing your swing. Could be ball position (too far back in your stance) or coming over the top quite a bit.