Monday, July 6, 2009

Richie3Jack 1st Annual Top 50 Teachers List -- Part I

Recently Golf Digest named their top 50 teachers. While I don't care for the results, it's hard to complain too much about the process since these teachers are voted on by their peers. The only problem is that they only allow the voters to choose from a list of 80 names and they get to pick 12 of those teachers from the list of 80. So I came up with my own list which is hardly scientific. I did not put them in order, just 'my top 50' and it's based upon teaching ability, perception of student success, my perception of their knowledge of teaching, etc. The only requirement is that they must get paid for golf instruction. They do not need to make a living doing it, but they must get paid for their instruction services. Hopefully this will open the eyes to some golfers on instructors out there and the process will get better as the years go on. I had to split this up into 2 parts. Here's part I.

Jimmy Ballard
Key Largo, FL

Mike Bennett
West Linn, OR

Mark Blackburn
Guntersville, AL

Lynn Blake
Marietta, GA

Ian Clark
Surrey, UK

Shawn Clement
Richmond Hill, ON Canada

Chuck Cook
Austin, TX

Peter Croker
Rye, Victoria Australia

Dana Dahlquist
Long Beach, CA

Lee Dietrick
San Dimas, CA

Ben Doyle
Monterey, CA

John Erickson
San Francisco, CA

Chuck Evans
Mesa, AZ

Jeff Evans
Macon, GA

Mark Evershed
Toronto, ON

Sean Foley
Toronto, ON

Ted Fort
Marietta, GA

John Furze
Sandringham, Australia

Jim Goergen
Cumming, GA

Martin Hall
West Palm Beach, FL

Paul Hart

Michael Hebron
Smithtown, NY

Brian Hepler
Scottsdale, AZ

Jeff Hull
Athens, GA

Michael Jacobs
Manorville, NY

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Anonymous said...

What about Brian Manzella??????

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't see that there was a part 2.