Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on Weir

Here's the video that somebody gave the link for me on the Weir situation at last week's Canadian Open (

I also took a pic of Weir clearly having the club on the ground and addressing the ball just before the ball moved.

Now according to Weir and the Rules Committee, they are saying that he didn't have the weight of the club on the ground because he was waggling.


The club is pretty well into the ground and it's not like he has the club hovering the grass blades.

Furthermore, as I stated in my previous post (, if there is any doubt in determining whether the player may have caused the ball to move it should be resolved AGAINST the player.

I would like to say that I have a TON of doubt about this.

That being said, I wouldn't consider Weir 'cheating.' I think it's definiely a 'fuzzy' ruling to say the least as what constitutes 'weight of the clubhead on the ground.' But, I blame the Rules Committee for not following the rules as there certainly was doubt in this situation.

To me, what Stewart Cink did at Harbour Town was flat out cheating and I think it made the point that we shouldn't take a player's word that they didn't cheat given how highly respected Cink is (and if you don't think Ted Purdy is still ticked off by that, guess again) and that on the PGA Tour they have shown that they will avoid calling penalties on some of the popular players.



Anonymous said...

Gotta way I agree with you 100%.

That Harbour Town situation still has me scratching my head.

Greg said...

They made the right ruling. How do you hit the ball without every addressing it? Even if he didnt cause it to move, he addressed it therefore hes deemed at fault.

Kevin K said...

Weir is a popular player especially at his country's Open...

He was penalized for this incident. Favoritism doesn't exist on the PGA Tour in regards to following the rules.

Rich H. said...

Thanks Kevin K. I think the Perry and especially the Cink incident say otherwise (and who can forget the Tiger incident where people were moving a large rock -- I know technically it's allowed, but I don't think somebody like Gary Woodland would get that ruling).