Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flying Right Elbow Video w/ Brian Manzella

Here's another Manzella video going a bit more into the flying right elbow.



Berkeley Rican said...

Thanks Rich, this is the first time I finally heard an instructor teach that you can pull and push when "swinging" at a golf club.

Hopefully this is the year I really understand the mechanics of the golf swing. I used to be an engineer, and Kelley's TGM is perfect for me bc it resonates with the way I like to figure things out.

Rich H. said...

Please tell us your experiences whenever you get the chance. Homer Kelley wasn't really an engineer. He was labeled as an 'engineering aid', but in the end he preferred to not have any title and eventually was awarded that. He was a valuable employee at Boeing because he was more or less a 'problem solver.' I believe he looked at the golf swing much like he would look at a defective machine handed to him over at Boeing. His problem was he had to figure out how to swing a club and hit the ball effectively and consistently. So his first step was to attempt to catalog every type of golf swing possible. Then his second part was to make it a book based on feel and getting the golfer to create their own feels from proper mechanics and thus use those feels so the golfer could execute quality mechanics over and over again.

It's a very rewarding book to understand IMO and you really appreciate the genius of Homer Kelley in the end (and I think he never even went to college).

TGM is largely based on physics and geometry. I find the geometry part to be dead on, but the physics part has quite a few flaws according to world class physicists like Dr. Aaron Zick and Dr. Robert Grober. But, still it's the greatest golf instruction book ever made IMO and even if the physics are off, if you can get down what HK is saying pretty well, you're almost guaranteed to become a darn good ballstriker. I really believe that.