Saturday, July 25, 2009

Learning Feel From Mechanics Videos

Here's a 2-part video (only 2 parts because YouTube only allows 10 minutes for a video and I ran slightly over and had to split it into 2 parts) on learning feel from mechanics along with how to use it with the Taly and a drill I use to help when I start to come over the top.



Greg Brown said...


Just posted a video response to you on this at Youtube, I don't know when it will show up but you can view it also from my profile

TeddyIrons said...

Thanks to both of you. Great videos. I'm going to be buying a couple of torches today!

Kevin said...

Great stuff guys, Thanks!


dreinwoods said...

Rich, great web service you are rendering. your web site along w/ other select sites have really helped me understand the golf swing. my question is, does TGM say anything about a "trigger" to start the downswing? thanks.