Saturday, June 27, 2009

Understanding the Basics of TGM - Part VIII

Here's a couple of new videos I have on 7-17 of Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine.'



Kevin said...

I've not spent much time studying 7-17, and this is the first real explanation I've seen of TGM foot work. I have some pivot stalling issues, and other problems that you discuss in these videos. As soon as my back is healthy, this will be the first idea I work on in trying to get my exit a little bit lower, and back up the plane to the left instead of the old slinging stall...

Thanks Rich!


Rich H. said...

Ted's teaching of this is really incredible to me because outside of him, I've never seen a TGM AI teach 7-17. I'm sure Lynn does but I've never gotten a real lesson from Yoda. After this lesson I started to research this even more and found out how profound 7-17 is and why Shawn Clement and Mike Maves hit it so pure. I only wish I could articulate this with the right words so every golfer would take this dead serious. It's such an incredibly simple yet vital part of the golf swing IMO. But everybody seems to gloss over it and think that an athletic stance is a key to golf. It really isn't and like I said, I think an 'athletic stance' is often counterproductive.

I'll put it this way about the 'Sam Snead drill.' I am far more embarrassed shooting a higher score than I am over some drill that will help prevent higher scores. It's as simple as that.