Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trevino's Advice to Woods

Interesting article of at the Wall Street Journal about Trevino saying he could get Tiger to start hitting more fairways. You can find it here

One interesting tidbit:

“I saw the ball falling right, but I had no idea how the hell he was doing it. So I came back and worked it out for myself,” he said. Like Mr. Hogan in his younger years, Mr. Trevino was plagued by a wicked, out-of-control hook and wanted to change. “I did it completely wrong, I’m sure, but the only way I could figure out was just to grab the club and hold on for dear life.” By “hold on” Mr. Trevino meant delaying the rotation of his wrists through impact.

Just a great example of learning feel from mechanics.



Anonymous said...

looks like he's using angled hinging....maybe angled minus one degree to get the fade??

Anonymous said...

picture of Geoff Ogilvy in USA Today page 8c. Looks like he's hitting a short pitch.

has bent left elbow and bent LEFT wrist at P3....wonder what TGM says about that?? If you tead that paper, would be interested in how you, Ted Fort or others comment on it

Rich H. said...

Trevino is an angled hinge guy. I'll have to see the full swing of Ogilvy. I took 20 swings on Monday that I videotaped. I flipped on one of them and hit the ball well. At 95% of not flipping, I'll take it. Maybe the pros are at a similar %. And I've seen tape and swing sequence pics of Ogilvy's swing before and he didn't flip in those.

I think not flipping is crucial to great golf. But a golfer can still be a good golfer and time the flip. But at the PGA Tour level, it just doesn't happen. And for those who continue to disagree, feel free to play with a flip and we'll see just how well you do.

Jim said...

How does extensor action play into your comments about a straight left arm?