Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congrats to Lucas Glover

A belated CONGRATULATIONS to US Open Champ Lucas Glover. Glover is known for ranking currently #1 in Total Driving as well. Here's a look at his swing.

Big time float loading procedure here and just a beautiful golf swing.



Anonymous said...

Float loading? or snap loading? It looks to me that he assembles his power package at end. I'm not 100% sure he is adding any wristcock on the way down. Either way it is a wonderful "swing".

TeddyIrons said...

He seems to have a very steep angle of attack at the ball.

Rich H. said...

I think he's definitely float loading. It looks to me on the startdown that there's a noticeable more amount of wristcock.

Golf Fitness Swing Trainer said...

He gets that right elbow to his right hip very quickly. Almost kamikaze to the hip at a very vertical descent. Hmmm?????

I am working on the right elbow/hip connection on my downswing as it seems to be a very common occurrence with the better ball strikers.