Sunday, June 14, 2009

Congratulations to Brian Gay

Congrats to fellow 'Swamp-ite' Brian Gay on his second victory of the year, this time by 'only' 5 strokes at the St. Jude Classic this past weekend. I'm guessing a lot of people will ask me about Brian's swing pattern since we have a similar type of motion and I am taught by Ted Fort, Lynn's right hand man in the teachin' biz.

There is a Brian Gay golf stroke fundamentals video at

Here's a preview for it:

Although just because you like Brian Gay's swing doesn't mean that you would be best off modeling your own swing after it. That's why I suggest Lynn's 'Alignment Golf' DVD which provides help for every golfer, regardless of what pattern works best for them.



Mike Pedersen said...

Pretty impressive 3Jack!

Kevin said...

I loved 12PieceBucket's response on another forum. Last time Brian won by ten. Now he only won by 5, he's getting worse!



philthevet said...

I have bought Blake/Trolio golf alignement dvd and Lynn /Brian Gay video.
I, for myself, do prefer Brian video. L Blake (and Brian) do explain a lot about hitting AND SWINGING , and you can see a lot of Brian swings, from 56° wedge to driver.
To say the truth I think that both are complementary. At least Brian Premium video is dowloadable and I had not to wait the post package to enjoy my hero's swings...
Thank you Rich for the best golf blog on the Net !

Rich H. said...

Phil, thanks for the comments. One of these days I'll get around to getting 'Alignment Golf' and the Brian Gay Stroke Fundamentals videos. So many things I want, not enough time or money.