Monday, June 15, 2009

Grant Waite Swing - Face On

Here's a David Orr video of Grant Waite's new 'Stack & Tilt' swing from the caddy view.



SwingGuru said...

We worked with Grant (CompuSport) at Grand Cypress back in the late nineties. Previously he worked with Mac on the Tour. This is the worst he has ever moved a club.

Look at P7. Flipped at Impact. No wonder he is a chopper. Grant needs to realize he has/had the mechanics to win, but no belief, no guts. He is on the endless search leading no to no where.

Jimmy Vespe

Rich H. said...

I don't believe he's flipped at impact. Close, but still not flipped. I'm not a fan of the S&T, but I'm such a fan of Grante\'s old swing and old ballstriking abilities that's why I posted it here. A friend of mine used to know Grant pretty well and he said the same thing. Always tinkering with mechanics and never realizing that is not the only answer.

SwingGuru said...

Hi Rich,

I totally understand you admiration for his action. By flipped I meant by tour standards. In all fairness this was just past impact, but still it shouldn't look quite like it did.

I used to hit balls on the back of Grand Cypress range in the late nineties with Grant when he showed up. Phil Rodgers would hang out, and preached the swing left methodology daily. We talked swing a bit, and Grant is/was a class act. I've got him at P7 on video back from that time, and he had very good forward lean on the shaft, probably close to 10 degrees toward the target.

I just think at some point long ago Grant had as good a move as anybody. Our CompuSport model superimposed over his action was spot on. MORAD instructors liked his action, etc. etc.

And he did win early on the Tour. Should have 20 wins by now if he only would have gotten out of his own way.


Rich H. said...

Thanks for the great info. I'm not sure what Grant can think he can accomplish with the S&T and that's what I posted in the DTL video of his swing. I certainly agree with you on his action being as good as anybody about 12 years ago. I remember preaching to some of my college teammates that he had the best swing on Tour IMO and I think only one agreed with me, the others thought I was full of shit or didn't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

The shaft lean was due to the CP model he used in 90.
Now he is a CF player which is more flexible pattern for the tour because the ball flys at a higher window.He also hits it farther now off the tee with his pattern.
He knows what he's doing, maybe more than any teacher could tell him. :)