Friday, June 19, 2009

Understanding the Basics of TGM -- Part VII

Finally, a video on the flying wedges. Any further questions, feel free to ask me here or at



Kevin said...

"MAXIMUM pressure at impact." Worth the price of admission right there!

Thank You,

philthevet said...

Good job my friend
HQ on youtube is really High Quality
By the way , nice home too...

TeddyIrons said...

Yeah, as phil says, nice house you've got there! I'm working so hard to getting maximum pressure through impact - it's so damned elusive though! The fact that I know that it is necessary means I know where my shortcomings are - but it's so frustrating!

philthevet said...

Starting my lag quest with Mr Ben Doyle videos afew years ago, I spent a long time trying to "drag the wet mop", "keeping my mind in my hands" and finally getting unfortunately a very handsy swing.
Then , reading Ted Fort on LBG I rebuilt my swing with a hitting pattern and my game has improve a lot thanks to some points that Rich is rightly emphasing in his blog:
a very slow start down, accelerating progressively thanks to a solid pivot, to reach the highest speed AFTER impact (Lapressure 5st accumulator)
Now I FEEL the pressure from wedge to driver
Fortunately my quest is not over and I will keep to connect daily on this blog , just to share with you my friends ...;)
PS Staying awake after midgnight in front of my TV just to watche the rain falling on Bethpage is not very cool... What the hell are you doing with the weather?

Rich H. said...

That's up in NY (where I'm originally from). Down in Georgia we had 98 degrees and windy, but it's been in the 90's throughout the past 2 weeks. Georgia doesn't get much rain in the summer.

I like Ben Doyle's work, but from reading Lagpressure's posts he's a 'swinger' instructor, so it doesn't surprise me that his stuff didn't work for you.

Pressure really isn't about gripping harder, it's about making the motion. For instance, I use the #1 PP. I essentially thrust that PP into the ball. So in order to get the max pressure, I have to obtain it through the thrust, not just gripping harder.

Anonymous said...


So my question is how does the hinging action relate to each pattern (hitter vs. swinger). In otherwords how or why does one hinging action better suit the swinger pattern over the hitter and visa versa.


Rich H. said...

Hitters use angled hinge action. If they were to use horizontal, it would more or less be something that they would be doing 'unnaturally' and then they would really have to time it. I use some horizontal hinge action which in my case is just a version of Brian Manzella's 'twistaway' when I do not want the ball to go from left-to-right at all. I use it about 3-6 times a round, usually on holes where there's death on the right side and the lie is something like a downhill lie or a ball below my feet lie, which is common in North Georgia.

The swinger can use horizontal or angled. Most swingers use horizontal due to the centrifigul force of the club. When I was using 'swinging' and the 'karate chop' motion I was afraid the face would be wide open at impact. Instead, it naturally squares at impact and then naturally produces horizontal hinging.

I'm not sure about angled hinging for the 'swinger.' Something I'd have to study more about.

Angled Hinging is more likely to produce a power fade, horizontal hinging is more likely to produce a power draw.