Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golf Digest Weight Shift Article

Great Golf Digest article saved by John Erickson (aka Lagpressure) on weight distribution of PGA Tour golfers back in the 80's at different points in their swing. You can find the rest of the article at



Anonymous said...

My question would be what is the most desirable weight shift conditions at the top and at impact?

I think Trolio says Mr Hogan had nearly all of his weight onto the left side near the top of his swing, and that this allowed him to rotate faster on the forward swing. Trolio points out that John Schlee( in Maximum Golf) says that Mr Hogan apparently learned this on a special machine he had that showed that the more weight he had on his left, the fater he could turn.

But Greg Norman, who was a great driver of the ball, apparently had much less weight on his left.

So I guess there is more than one way to skin the cat...but what is the most effcient / desirable?

Rich H. said...

A good question. Sevam1 and Lagpressure probably would tell you that Hogan still had most of his weight on the right side, even at impact. I wish I had an answer, but I certainly do not. I think with TGM it's more about G.O.L.F and more about life in general. Meaning that not only are there countless ways to swing the club effectively, but there's countless different ways to learn, countless different ways to feel, countless different ways to think, etc. Homer Kelley didn't believe in a *best* or a *worst* way, but he believed that there was a best way for each individual.

In other words, I don't think there is a most desirable or efficient weight shift, just one that works best for each individual that really cannot be determined unless you go through some trial and error.

Kevin said...

Great answer Richie. Talking golf has become a lot more fun since learning that there is NO one way.

Gosh, look at Jimmy Ballard and S&T. Not even in the same ball park as far as weight shift and pivot, but both have worked for many great players, and are taught by many GREAT teachers..

IMHO, it's not only what is right for each player, it's what gets you motivated to practice. What gets you excited to work at something enough to repeat it. For me it's hitting and the magic of the right forearm.


Rich H. said...

Good point. It's funny how many people ask me about Brian Gay's swing and when I talk about the right forearm on plane at address, I get a lot of 'okay, I'll do everything but that' type of answers. Really that just makes it easier, especially for those who haven't used the Right Forearm takeaway before. But I guess that's a motivation to practice thing. I will say this, my ballstriking the past few days has been silly good. I am not a bragadocious person, but I believe it's so good right now that there are not many guys out there on that are not currently on the PGA, European or Nationwide Tour that are striking it better than I am. I am peppering flagsticks, hitting greens with ease, seeing increases in distance and working shots with every club in the bag with ease. That should be motivation to get that right forearm on plane for some! Too bad my putting may be at an all time low right now, but I think I'm starting to figure some things out.