Sunday, June 7, 2009

Latest Swing 6.8.09

Here's the latest swing w/o the Taly, here's I'm hitting an 7-iron.

Here's the latest impact, with the left wrist flatter than a board!



Jim said...

I stopped your swing just immediately past your still photo and your left wrist breaks down and is starting to be overtaken by the right hand. Is this ok for a hitter. I understand that a swinger should try to keep the flat left wrist well into the followthough. Is that your understanding as well?

Rich H. said...

The left wrist isn't breaking down. Here's a pic after impact (

This is part of the angled hinge action and then the swivel. The left wrist is still flat. Most swingers use horizontal hinge action (they can use angled hinge). The horizontal hinge action has the toe pointing at the target on the 'release.' So when a swinger hits the ball, it's advisable to get a lot of that extension through impact. If you don't have a ton of extension, then the left wrist breaks down. The hitter uses angled hinging. The clubface is at about a 45 degree angle on the release. Because of that, there doesn't necessarily need to a be a ton of extension. So what you're seeing, IMO, is a flat left wrist, just with so-so extension instead of a lot of extension that somebody like Zach Johnson may use.

That's one of the good things about the Taly, if that left wrist bends before the halfway point of the follow through, you can still notice it.

Jim said...

Thanks for the clarification.
I wonder if you could define what you mean by "extension".
I think you mean making sure that both arms are completely extended just after impact. But if that is so, how does that relate to the left wrist breaking down?

Rich H. said...

The Taly can actually explain it pretty well. You don't want the clubhead passing the red ball. But after impact there's a point where the red ball stops moving a bit. If the golfer crosses the clubshaft with the Taly shaft, that is a left wrist breakdown. You cannot cross the shafts if you have full extension. You've got the right idea, probably a bit hard to explain in a post. May need to put up a video on that.