Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TourStriker Training Aid

Just came across this blog that I think many of you may find interesting

The Tourstriker is a pretty neat training aid to help the golfer better train their hands and to hit down on the ball properly (with the irons, remember it's more optimal to hit slightly up with the driver). Here's what it looks like:

As you can see, the leading bottom edge of the club is elevated. So in order to hit the ball effectively the golfer has to make the correct move through impact which consists of a flat left wrist at impact and with the clubhead going down towards the ball...hitting the ball...then going further down and making a divot. Thus, the divot winds up being in front of where the ball used to be.

Very good aid for beginners and flippers. I think this does a good job of training the hands a bit, but eventually the golfer needs to learn how to pivot effectively so it enables the wrist to be flat at impact with ease. However, Martin Chuck's blog talks about the pivot and other important things regarding the golf swing and the Tour Striker.

The Tour Striker can be purchased for $99 at Here's a promotional video:


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