Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FlightScope Launch Monitor

I've made some posts about Trackman Launch Monitor and after reading some posts over at www.brianmanzella.com there's now some talk about the FlightScope Launch Monitor. Here's a YouTube video for FlightScope

FlightScope claims that they have virtually the same technology as Trackman and the big difference is FlightScope costs $8K versus Trackman costing $28K. Trackman claims there are some parameters that they have that FlightScope doesn't have. There's some talk of it over at this thread (http://www.brianmanzella.com/forum/golfing-discussions/11526-trackman-technology.html)

Here's a post from a FlightScope rep over in that thread:

Hello all, FlightScope rep here from the Boston MA area - Mark. I'll start by saying that out of respect for this great forum, I'll leave all the sales stuff at the door and answer questions as they come. I'm an electrical/mechanical engineer during the day so I'll be as objective as possible...(At least I'll try!)

Indoor tracking - I tend to agree that both companies are more accurate outside...simply because both track the entire ball flight and indoors we can’t. Both track to the net and then calculate the rest of the flight. (Which is still much better than other launch monitors out there)

With respect to PING - yes they jumped on TM early. I was told at training last week you will soon see the switch to FS. The only proof I have is the nFlight integration I saw and that some PING reps are now buying FS. More manufacturers are on the way.

Precision - there is no significant difference in accuracy, both use the same tracking technology: Multi channel phased array RADAR.

Here are the differences as I see them – FS can track indoors and out with the same hardware. As of this note, FS now does putting (with a camera accessory) and demonstrated 1.0 release at the show.

FS or TM - It is an ongoing debate. I think we can solve right here in this forum – I’ve seen Brian in action at the MIT forum for a few years: he is objective, informative and a blast to learn from.

I suggest we let Brian and his staff Put TM and FS side by side and write their findings. From there we let the cards fall where they may. I’ve done it many times and the data is identical. I’ll supply the FS hardware at no cost for a week.

I hope I've not crossed the "sales" line.

If I hear more about FlightScope, I'll pass it on.



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Have you tried the GolfAchiever? Any comments related to the GolfAchiever? I hear they are pushing towards the Simulator and Launch monitor market, plus they have updated their website with a big push with GA Sim. Any feedback is appreciated.

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