Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Look At Augusta National: #7 - 'Pampas'

Can't say too much about this hole. When I've arrived at Augusta I usually walk through the first few holes and then you see the beautiful sixth hole and then cross the walk thru to start looking for the clubhouse and the 10th hole. Not that tough of a hole for the pros, but if it gets windy it's a real pain because the bunkers start to come into play and they are not easy to get out of.

450 yards
Par 4

Original Intent:"Length is certainly not at a premium here, but the narrow fairway seems to have an added impact because it suddenly confronts the player just when he has become accustomed to the broad expanses of the preceding holes. ... The second shot is normally a steep pitch, often with a wedge, and precise judgment of range is required."- Bobby Jones, in Sports Illustrated, April 6, 1959

Significant Changes:
- Six feet added to left side of green to allow more pin placements, 2007.
- Left-rear bunker moved back several feet, 2007
- Tee moved back 35-40 yards, 2006- Trees added to both sides of fairway, 2006
- Green rebuilt for possible right, rear pin position, 2006

History Average Score: 4.14
History Average Rank: 12th

credit: http://www.augusta.com/


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