Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Look At Augusta National: #4 - 'Flowering Crabapple

The thing I remember most about this hole was in Greg Norman's collapse. On Sunday, Norman hit a pretty crisp tee shot, but wound up woefully short in the bunker. Norman admitted that his timing was a bit off and after that shot I thought Faldo *might* have a chance. Why Norman was so stubborn to not make an adjustment is beyond me.

I think they moved it back a little too much, but it does seem to fit Bobby Jones' original intent of using a very long iron into the hole

240 yards

Par 3

Original Intent:"The length of this hole can be varied a great deal, depending upon use of the back tee or the rear portion of the forward tee. From the back tee the shot is usually a strong iron or even a 4- or 3-wood."- Bobby Jones, in Sports Illustrated, April 6, 1959

Significant Change:
- Tee moved back 30-35 yards for 2006

Average Score History: 3.29
Average Score Rank: 3rd



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