Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Self-Analysis of the Hack N Wilt

I posted my swing earlier today. Here's some thoughts. I'm scheduled for a lesson tomorrow with Ted Fort, of 'famous reverse pivot golf swing' fame

I've been struggling with my golf game lately, part of it stemming from playing one of the toughest courses in my life a few days ago and that chipping away at my confidence, but there's some things I don't like about the swing I've been taking. Here's my attempt:

Left hand grip is a little strong. Ball is a tad bit further back then it should be (IMO) for a 3 wood). I like the clubshaft pointing at mid-body. I think the feet have solid distance apart from each other. I think I can explain the grip and why I tend to do that later on.

Would like a little less wristcock here, but years of following the method of an early wristcock is a bit ingrained here. Less wristcock would provide a little more float loading of the club on the way down.

Looks pretty solid here. Pressure on the inside of my right leg. Club perfectly parallel to the ground (although I'm not actively trying to achieve that). Clubface looks a little closed, probably due to the strong grip.

Some lag and some spine tilt along with the body pivoting. Looking good so far.

Too much spine tilt for my tastes. I asked David Orr for some thoughts on the swing and he mentioned it as well. The 'Y' formed by my arms and clubshaft is pointing too far upward. I also estimate about 27* of spine tilt. The left wrist is flat, but the spine tilt opens the clubface and adds loft to the club. I think since the spine tilt opens the face, it ma be a reason why I started to close the face on the backswing and use a strong grip. Too much weight on my right side. Not sure what the cure for this spine tilt is, hopefully Ted can help me out with it. Here's a photo of Snead at impact. Lot more weight on the left leg and much less spine tilt.


Flip is gone, but there's a notice reverse 'C' going on.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a post on the lesson.



philthevet said...

Ted, aka, Yodasluke, is the hitting specialist on LBG, as you know. I really appreciate all his posts and advives.
I would be very happy to have all your comments after your lesson.
Enjoy, lucky guy ...

Rich H. said...

Thanks. I'm very happy with the lesson. He attacked something I've had a problem with for quite some time, but nobody really cared to address it for some reason...and I've taken lessons from a GSED before who never mentioned it. Hit some 3/4 shots with some real power and compression without even putting much effort into it.