Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Look at Augusta National: #8 - 'Yellow Jasmine'

Par 5
570 Yards

Original Intent:"(The green) is completely visible for the third shot and a player who is sufficiently long to get up in two will be able to define the position of the green owing to the size of the surrounding hillock."- Alister Mackenzie, from the first Masters program


- Tee moved back 15-20 yards and shifted 10 yards to golfer's right, 2002
- Fairway bunker reshaped and nearly doubled in size, 2002

Did It Work?

Like No. 2, this hole is still easily reached in two shots. The enlarged fairway bunker punishes wayward drives, but birdie is still expected here by the players.

History Scoring Average: 4.85
History Average Rank: 15th


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