Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New TGM Book Coming Out has come out with a new book that will be added on to what prospective Authorized Instructors have to learn, title 'The Golfing Machine - Biomechanical Integration Approach.'

The Golfing Machine’s Division of Biomechanics and Sports Science introduces a new text and coursework tailored to the Authorized Instructor, Golf Professional, Health Professional, and Fitness Professional. By blending the sciences of anatomy, biomechanics and motor learning in this text the most comprehensive manor of learning and application may be attained. Together, this material along with The Golfing Machine Text, and the Illustrated Atlas of Musculoskeletal Anatomy Text will provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the role of the Human Body in the application of Patterns of Motion seen in the Golf Stroke.

Authored By: Dr. Matthew M. Rosman, GSEM
The book is supposed to bring the Golfing Machine into the 21st century and is supposed to be much easy to understand with a lot of illustrations. If true...that's a good thing along with studying how the human body is involved in all of this. However, I can't help but wonder why they don't almost completely re-do 'The Golfing Machine' book anyway with better illustrations and without making it such a cross referencing nightmare.

Anyway, I plan on getting 'The Golfing Machine' probably sometime in April along with Lynn Blake's 'Alignment Golf' DVD series. I'm hoping that I can get a pretty good grasp of 'The Golfing Machine' this time around in about a year's time. If so, then I'll move onto the Biomechanical Integration Approach.

The cost of the BIA is $55.


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