Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on My Swing and Moe and his Grip

As you may recall, I've had some issues with my through pivot for most of my golf career and ever since the surgery it has gotten worse. I suggested this little drill/swing thought the other day ( I got it to work a bit, but not exactly where I want to be and still a lot of work to go. I'm starting to believe that my inefficient pivot causes me to baby flip and not get enough extension after impact. Later today I will tell you of another swing thought I am working to improve my pivot.

Anyway, wanted to bring attention again to Mr. Mike Maves (Sevam1) great blog. He's had a couple of dandies this week...a good post on the forgotten legend of Peter Thomson and then work on Moe Norman's grip ( For those who don't know, Moe gripped his club more in the palms where as the typical grip is more in the fingers and the pads of the fingers. I experimented with Moe's grip, but Maves explains it with some things I didn't know. Still, I don't think it's a grip meant for everybody and I believe his grips were built up bigger to accomodate him gripping the club in his palms ...but this is worth checking out nonetheless...because that Norman guy knew a thing or seven about the golf swing and they tell me he could knock it around the course alright.


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