Friday, December 26, 2008

Sample Edel Putter Fitting

After having not played for the past two years, I finally got to play my first round of golf today. The damage? +7 over for a 78 on a 71.8 index course. However, this consisted of going -1 under on the last ten holes. I actually struggled with my ballstriking which is my biggest weakness. Still problems with the flip, but that's expected after years and years of flipping through the ball. I also birdied two par 3's and if there's one thing I love doing in golf is marking down a 2 on the scorecard. It's one thing to make birdies, but making birdies on par 3's, even for tour pros, is a bit rare. And I had two of the. Also birdied the last hole, hitting 4 solid golf shots. Still working on the flip and pivoting properly on the thru swing. But overall, I'll take it. Considering it was my first round back, I'm working on something foreign to me, it was freaking cold outside and I just didn't play that well it can only get better.

Anyway, here's a video of a sample putter fitting from David Edel. You may recall my post about how Edel putters are truly the 'Rolls Royce of Putters ( This video doesn't show the entire fitting, but gives an idea of what Edel is trying to accomplish with his putters. Plus, his vari-loft technology provides something that no other putter can provide, the ability to change the loft of your putter depending on the type of greens you're putting on. Hugo from Big Break Michigan is using an Edel Putter and there's a rumor that Jim Furyk was using an Edel putter earlier this year.


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