Monday, December 1, 2008

My Current Favorite Swings on YouTube Part I


I used to work with an instructor who taugh Hallberg at one time. Many do not realize this, but Hallberg was a helluva collegiate player. If this swing looks good here, you should try and get your hands on his face on view, he really compressed the hell out of the ball.


A guy who talk about Hogan and Moe as much as he does should have a hybrid type of swing of Hogan and Moe. Could call that the Moegan method? Anyway, it's easier to talk about the 'Moegan' method than actually executing it. Maves has and it's more of a fun and amazing thing to watch than a beauty. He saves the beauty part for the path of ball boring through the air.


Now this is what I'm talking about. Precision, power, and consistency. Like Tiger without the glaring flaws and the shots that go off the grid with the driver.


20 years old, longest hitter in the world and he's all of 6'0" tall and maybe 170 pounds.


Can't stand the person, his whining, and well...his overall obnoxiousness. Plus, we got off to a bad start as before he turned pro and was playing on the Nationwide (I believe it was called the Nike Tour back then) I kept on hearing from my old roomate about the time he went to the DMV and Sergio Garcia was there.

Anyway, you cannot deny THE LAG and it is sort of fun watching his gas an 8 iron like 200 yards when he's pumped up and really needs it.

Up Next, Part II


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