Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Lower Body Drill

It starts with a great video by Ben Hogan on YouTube.

This goes into a similar instructional video I saw as well. And yes, I originally got this from the Web site. Sometimes this is referred to as the "pump it drill" or the "6/100 drill."

(Credit: Michelle Dube over at --- her work is superb)

I am actually working on this myself. I try to feel like there's a rope that connects from my LEFT ankle to my right elbow and I'm tugging my right elbow into position with my left ankle. I just started to try this and it has been cold out, but once I get it recorded and analyze it, I'll post on how I think it works.


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Nick Hoff said...

The pump drill is good and the intention in Michelle Dub's lesson is well intended, however, her assumptions about pushes and pulls are a bit misleading, I would prefer reference to slices and hooks, and to confirm that club face open or closed in relation to target line is the key stat!
Also, her reference to this pump drill move, placing the club 'down the target line' is incorrect. The 6/100 position or 'the slot' will only place the club head's arc onto the target line for a fraction of a second - before moving back inside and arcing up and left of the target line. The notion of swinging on the target line is confusing to high handicappers, who will try to steer the club head down the target line and thus create the 'over the top' motion