Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photos of Legends At Impact

Going from top to bottom, these are the swings of Trevino, Tiger, Hogan, Nicklaus and Snead.

What do they have in common?


They also have their left arm 'connected' to their left armpit, but whether or not they are consciously trying to do that is a different story. However, each of them use their PIVOT to get the clubhead to hit the ball which would provide a powerful, accurate and boring shot to the target. Or as Moe Norman liked to say "getting that dumb to that dumb guy so I can get it to that dumb guy."

See how their zippers are in front of where their hands and club are?

Their belt buckles are practically facing the target at impact. Snead has the least rotation, but that was captured in 1975, when Snead was 63 years old.


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