Sunday, December 7, 2008

9-3 Drill

I have forgotten about the 9-3 drill video, created by Geoff Jones (aka 'Slicefixer' over at

I've gotten some questions on him in the past. It's pretty obvious that his methods can work as seen in the video with the players he teaches.

One of the great things Pure Ball Striker inventor Jeff Evans talks about is 'subjective feels.' There's certain principles in the swing that all golfers have to have in order to strike a ball correctly (for instance, the clubhead going down, out and then forward at impact). But, the golfer has to find a way to get to those proper principles. Feel plays a big part in getting them in the proper, must have positions and unfortunately feels are very subjective in golf. A swing thought or feel that may work for one golfer may not work for another golfer. I'm not really sure that Sevam1's "horizontal tug and vertical drop" feel will work for everybody. Doesn't mean that it's crap or can't work (in fact, just the opposite), it's just another idea of giving the golfer a possible key to the door of ballstriking success. Brian Manzella talks about using your pivot to snap your kinetic chain. Hogan just wanted us to concentrate on starting the downswing with a hip turn. None of these are wrong, just trying to find a way to get the light to go on in the golfer's head.

If there's one thing you can notice about the video is Geoff's students are excellent with their pivot and this is the drill he has them doing in order to get that pivot.

If there's a problem here it's that I would think it is easy to come over the top since you can start swinging left too early. And with that, you're probably much much better off getting a personal, private lesson instead of reading about it. But again, the name of the game in the golfswing is pivot and this drill has had great success teaching that.

Here's the thread on the 9-3 drill at the GolfWRX forum (


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I see teh swings, but what is the drill?