Monday, December 29, 2008

Richie3Jack's First Annual '3Jack Awards

I kind of do this with some caution. I am averse to taking myself too seriously. Years of playing golf will create that in a person because just as soon as you think you're hot stuff, the game will rear its ugly head right back at you. However, I thought it would be *fun* to go over the stuff I've reviewed this year and came up with my own "3Jack Awards." This is basically awards for things I watched, read or used during this year. Thus, it's not important as to when the product, video, book etc came's whether or not I reviewed it this year. Anyway, you'll get the point soon enough.

3Jack Award - Best Training Aid/Device

Honorable Mention
: FedEx triangle box (swing plane and path device), Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine (, Pure Ball Striker (

Second Runner Up: SKLZ "Smash Bag" (

Notes: A great old school training aid (hitting a tire will do as well), but for only $20. The Wiren Impact Bag goes for $40 for some unknown reason.

First Runner Up: Exelys Breakmaster (

WINNER: Laser Putting Alignment System aka LPAS

Finally a laser alignment system that works correctly and is affordable ($40). Can be found at

Best YouTube Video Of The Year

Honorable Mention:
Geoff Jones' (aka SliceFixer) 9-3 drill (, Ben Hogan filmed by George Coleman (

Second Runner Up: Shawn Clement's 'Hogan Power Drill' (

First Runner Up: Mike Maves' aka Sevam1 'The Move' (

Winner: Geoff Mangum's 'One Best Delivery Speed for Touch From Physics

Best Instruction Video (paid for)

Honorable Mention:
Brian Manzella's Never Slice Again 2.0, Brian Manzella's Never Hook Again 2.0 (

Second Runner Up: Roger Fredericks' 'Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility' (

First Runner Up: Brian Manzella's 'Confessions of a Former Flipper' (

WINNER: David Orr's 'Green Reading Basics' ( Here's a preview:

Best Equipment

Honorable Mention:
Bridgestone Golf Cavity Back Blade Irons (, Mizuno MP-67, Mizuno MP-62 (, Scratch Golf Wedges and Irons (

Second Runner Up: Traditional Irons by Mark Inoue (

First Runner Up: Callaway X-Prototype Irons

WINNER: Edel Vari-Loft putters (

Best Golf Web site

Honorable Mention:,,

Second Runner Up:

First Runner Up:


Best Looking Swing (currently) On YouTube

Honorable Mention:
Oliver Fisher, Rory McIlroy, Mike Bennett, Michael Finney

Second Runner Up: Mike Maves

First Runner Up: Mike McNary


Best Instructional Book

Honorable Mention:
'The Efficient Golfer' by Robert Anthony Prichard (, Encyclopedia Texarkana by Geoff Jones (aka SliceFixer)

2nd Runner Up: 'Optimal Putting' by Geoff Mangum

1st Runner Up: 'The Impact Zone' by Bobby Clampett

WINNER: 'The Secret Is In the Dirt' by Mike Maves (aka Sevam1)

Very, very hard decision to make. I feel Clampett's 'Impact Zone' works for a wider audience, is brilliant and extremely helpful for the beginner. Maves 'The Secret Is In the Dirt' is meant more for more advanced and experienced golfers and is a bit more of an interesting read with great anecdotes. I think what put 'The Secret Is In The Dirt' on top is the revolutionary format of the book, not only being able to put videos in the book, but also any updates to the book will be free add ons to the customer. This *should* be the future when it comes to instructional books, but unfortunately I don't think anybody else will follow Maves' route.



philthevet said...

Bests Golfs Blogs Award:
3Jack and Sevam !!!

Hi Rich
I have discovered your blog for a few time and it's a gem for me
I am sharing a lot of your favorites and have a lot of fun to connect daily for anything new.
I have seen that you appreciate my Utube video on Ben Doyle's swing . I have bought his Golf Swing video. In my opinion Brian M are great ( I bought all his vids) but Ben is the best . Aniway there is a lot to read and to watch and days are no longer than 24 hours..
Godd job , my friend. Keep on going this way. Excuse my english , I am French ...
I wish you a very Happy New Year , for you and your family

Rich H. said...

Thanks for the kind words. I just got back home from visiting some friends and family, so my blog will go back to being updated daily again.

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