Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Manzella Instructor Search Video

Here's a video that 3Jack Top 50 Instructor, Brian Manzella ( did for The Golf Channel's Instructor search.

You can give Brian a thumbs up along with other 3Jack Top 50 Instructor's...Shawn Clement and Denny Alberts and 3Jack blog follower Steve Bishop (aka Ringer), right HERE

As usual, Brian's excellent at speaking to the camera from years of experience and working very diligently to make a good presentation. That's probably one of the things that turned me onto his instruction, his ability to present it understandably and in a 'fun' way.

Obviously, I don't find anything bad or flawed with Brian's video although I would have done 2 things differently:

1) Give a very brief way to explain the laws of ball flight, like 'we know from physics that the ball initially starts in about the direction to where the clubface is pointing at impact' or something to that effect. This would explain why the slice happens and why golfers tend to try and counter to the slice by coming over the top and trying to get the ball more to the left.

2) A brief overview of what he went over.

I think it's a very good video, but with those 2 things I think he would've nailed it and if TGC couldn't accept that, then this new instructor search isn't what we are looking for.

A big thing that Brian goes over, without actually saying it, is the inside hand path and the tendency for OTT swings to over-rotate the left arm flying wedge in the backswing. In my last blog post, we showed a female golfer with an OTT move that had a club path of -7*. This golfer over-rotated the flying wedge, which got the clubhead inside the hands on the takeaway (or what we call the z2 position). Then the golfer tried to re-route herself back on plane and wound up coming OTT. That golfer had good hand-eye coordinator and looks like a pretty good golfer, but only generated 92 mph of clubhead speed with the driver due to the lack of angular momentum which comes from the OTT move.



Right Wing Political Junkie said...

Thank you for the mention Richie!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Manzella using that FLW crap again he cant leave TGM can he. He's a pure swinger theorist

Anonymous said...

@ the other Anonymous

"Manzella using the FLW crap again.."

It aint crap bro'. I've played off 3-4 handicap for 25 years and only just learned TGM priciples. never hit is so solid.

that last bit where he talks about full rotation of left arm - that realisation has completely changed my game.

Matt D

Right Wing Political Junkie said...

The left wedge rotation is essentially the clubface. The more it rotates the face open, the more it has to rotate back before impact.

I think it's easier for people with a TGM hitters motion to rotate it back. For TGM swingers it's nearly impossible.