Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Key To Understanding...

Great little video with 3Jack Top 50 instructor, Mark Evershed.

definitely agree with Mark on this point. I used to work for a company where I was completely new to the industry that was filled with, IMO, a lot of useless and non-sensical jargon. It was so crazy with all of the jargon that it was almost like listening to people speak Japanese to me. Eventually my boss at the time didn't think I asked enough questions and I told her 'I don't know what questions to ask!'

With golf the instructors usually are willing to take the time to re-explain things to the student. So if you ask an instructor a question and they don't answer it or won't answer it, it's probably time to find a new instructor because chances are that they really don't know the answer.

When you can truly understand the how and the why, that's when you start to 'own' that part of the swing and are on a path to better golf.



Anonymous said...

Nice post Richie.

I'm about to turn 40 and have played (should say "flipped"!) w/ h'cap between 5 and 3 since i was 14. Almost exclusively self-taught (maybe 10 lessons in 25 years)

6 months ago i stumbled onto TGM and for the first time realised that i knew very little about the mechanics and forces involved in a "good" swing. Also found that the principles intuitively made a whole lot of sense. (FLW - who'd have thought something so simple could make such a difference. and no pro had EVER mentioned it to me!)

I've started working with a guy who speaks fluent TGM. in our sessions i dont usually hit many balls. often its about me getting him to explain things i've found that have and havent worked.

I often stop him and ask him to repeat stuff, sometimes a third time so i can really digest it.

Evershead make the point about understanding the "why" that lurks behind the "what".

And I think you are spot-on about dumping any coach who wont or cant answer a specific question. i suspect a good number of teaching pro's really dont have much of a clue. they just dont get called out on it as they know more than most hackers out there.

always enjoy your blog, nice work mate.

Matt D

Rich H. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Matt.