Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Fix Tiger's Swing Part I & II

Here's Part I and II by 3Jack Top 50 Instructor, Mark Evershed, on how he would fix Tiger's swing:



Anonymous said...

Once again another teacher who promotes arm swinging - blah

Sorry Mark thats why Tiger wants to get away from that crap

Nick said...

I actually really like this video. This is the first move that my golf pro has me work on to get unstuck. Drop the arms into the slot and then let the club release...

Anonymous said...

In golf, the remedy that works for a better player, may be poison for a poor one.
Swinging the arms doesn't include starting dsw by rotating the shoulders nor freezing one's lower body. IMHO.
There was another BIG issue: good players don't try to shut the clubface coming into impact, vice versa.
It's good to have swing-fanatics like Mark around!