Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lynn Blake Golf Channel Instructor Search Video

Here's 3Jack Top 50 Instructor, Lynn Blake, and his entry for the Golf Channel Instructor Contest (http://www.thegolfchannel.com/instructor-search)

Obviously, this is very TGM oriented but we are not sure exactly what the Golf Channel is looking for and if you want to understand TGM, this video is a good start.



Matt D said...

I love how that guy's mind works. All the tools and gadgets really help to visualise the geometry of the golf swing.

I'm going to get a friend of mine to watch this and see if it makes sense to someone who has very littel idea of how a swing actually works.

I have a feeling that to the novice this would be a complete brain meltdown.

Anonymous said...

No problem, "It's a lifetime journey."

Chip Putterman said...

There is NO way the average GC viewer understood a word of this. Just sayin'...

Rich H. said...

I agree with you on that, Chip. Although I think TGC might be more concerned with camera presence first and foremost. They may then get it down to the 4 finalists and see if they can tweak what they are discussing as well as figure out how knowledgeable they are. I don't think I would've gone this route, although I haven't seen many videos go the route I would've taken either.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's camera presence first and foremost.

Lynn's got it.

Lynn was obviously giving a teaser in his submission. As in I know this is a lot of information, if you want to learn more, pick me.

Other guys with camera presence are Clement, Manzella, and Clearwater. There could be others. Most of them, quite frankly, are unwatchable for 8 minutes.

Clement may have the edge because he could be considered the least controversial.

More of a generalist and best for hackers.

Once they get down to 4, it's all about what direction they want to go, rather that the individual themselves.