Saturday, November 29, 2008

More on Moe and Transition

In the last post I talked about starting the downswing hip rotation sequence before the backswing gets completed. It's a bit difficult to know if I'm on to something because while many people believe that's what should happen, others believe it's just an optical illusion.

Although it's hard to be it could be an illusion after watching this video of Moe Norman's swing

And then there's this video. Like the video says, watch the shadow of the club and Moe's lower body. The lower body is moving forward while the shadow of the club is still moving back a little.

I'm starting to believer there's really four types of golfer transitions:

1. Golfer moves the lower body forward before the backswing is completed.
2. Golfer moves the lower body first, but not until the backswing is completed.
3. Golfer moves the upper body forward first (aka casting).
4. Golfer moves the lower and upper body at about the same time.

#1 or #2 seem to easily be the most optimal. As I've mentioned, you can see the #1 transition in golfers like Hogan, Moe, Padraig and even Tiger. But you can see the #2 type of transition in players like Snead, Sergio, Trevino, etc. I was studying footage of Nicklaus' swing and it appeared at times he was a #1 and then as he got older he was more of a #2 type of transition.

I think being either a #1 or a #2 all depends on body type, flexibility and sense of timing. I think as I've gotten older, I need to become a #1 since I don't have the flexibility in the hips that I used to have, so essentially by starting the hip turn forward before the backswing is completed is like giving my rigid hips a head start. Snead is a great example of #2, but he had surreal flexibility. Just take a look at his swing.

How flexible was Snead? Well I charted him for 140 degrees of shoulder turn! It would probably explain why Jack lost a lot of distance only into his late 30's and early 40's. He was becoming less flexible and instead of using the #1 style of transition (hips go before downswing is completed), he went intot he #2 style of transition.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on it for now. I'll be working on it and I'll post here how it's coming along.


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