Friday, November 21, 2008

Bobby Locke Putting Sequence

Many will ask who Bobby Locke was. Locke was a South African and played 9 seasons on the US Tour. From 1947 to 1950 he won 11 tournaments on the tour and was considered by many of his peers (i.e. Snead) to be one of the greatest players ever. His game was mainly known for two things...his ability to hook a ball and do it accurately (in fact, one teacher...whose name I forget...was a student of Locke's and mention that he's the only guy he ever saw hook a ball from the sandtrap with a downhill like)...and he was known as one of the all time great putters. Some say that he putt hookspin on his putts, but that has been highly debatable. Here's a look at his putting sequence.

Find out more information about Bobby Locke at Geoff Mangum's Web site,


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