Saturday, November 29, 2008

Homer Kelley and Albert Crews

There are many spectacular facets of Homer Kelley's (pic above) The Golfing Machine book. But probably the greatest facet of the book was it tailored to a countless amount of different style of golf swings. Mr. Kelley understood that while there may be some positions in the golf swing more optimal than others, there have been countless successful golfers with varying style of swings, some of which are completely unorthodox and often considered "ugly." What's pretty amazing was that Mr. Kelley didn't grow up playing the game until he was an adult and was not even a professional golfer. Just a very smart guy that wanted to use his smarts and apply it to the golf swing.

Don't believe me and think The Golfing Machine is a bunch of mumbo jumbo, highly technical stuff. Well, here's an odd grip and swing style that Mr. Kelley was keen enough to describe back in 1968 as a perfectly acceptable way of swinging the club...also known The Golfing Machine 10-1-E cross hand grip.


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