Friday, November 28, 2008

Ben, Moe and Padraig...something in common

I typically don't try to get into much of Hogan's swing because I believe he had superb flexibility and timing. The former I believe allowed for him to not only survive that car crash, but to come back striking the ball better than ever.

Anyway, one of the issues I'm struggling with coming back from surgery is my thru pivot blows. Too much hanging back and my hips don't get nearly open enough at impact. Like Mr. Hogan, I am right handed, but my lead eye is the dominant eye. That allows for me to more easily get body rotation on the back pivot and keep the head behind the ball at impact because I can easily see the ball from those positions with my dominant lead eye.

I'm starting to believe one of the big reasons why I'm struggline with thru pivot is I don't start it early enough in the swing. And if Hogan's videos are showing what I think they are showing, he actually starts his thru pivot BEFORE the backwing is completed. Here's what I mean:

However, it's hard to find tour pros with that same type of move at the top. Most of them seem like they are ready to move their hips forward before they complete their backswing, but don't. However, once the backswing is completed they are more than ready to begin the downstroke with the hips rotating (well, sliding a tad and then rotating). Here's what I mean with Charles Howell's swing.

The only person I've seen make the similar type of Hogan move is Padraig Harrington. Here's a link to a video of what I mean

But the other golfer who had this same move? Moe Norman. And last I knew this guy hit the ball pretty darn well.

For now I'm still working on some maintainance issues with my address and at the top of the swing along with getting the club a little more shallow on the downswing. But once I can get back into stretching exercises full time and once I get the maintainance issues and downswing path down, I think my goal is to try and start the hip rotation before the completion of the backswing. It seems to have worked pretty good for Ben, Moe and Padraig.



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