Monday, January 30, 2012

More PGA Merchandise Show Pics


Great looking clubs. The irons have an ultra-thin topline. They use 1025 carbon steel in the irons.


I thought Royal Collection (who is now working with Mercedes-Benz on golf equipment), had the best looking driver head I saw at the entire show.

One of the new Bobby Grace putters

Here's the Miura MG hybrid

I felt Yonex's EZone Muscle backs were big winners at the show. The picture doesn't quite do it justices because the head looks different than most blades, but still beautiful in shape.

They also make some nice looking wedges.

Callaway Razr Fit driver. This comes with weight ports. Currently, they only have 2-gram and 12-gram ports, but they plan to add more. I thought the driver felt nice.

Here's the Exotics XCG5 3-wood. I could get the 13* 3-wood up nicely. The 11.5* 3-wood flew too low.



Dan said...

Hi Richie,

Thanks for the coverage from the PGA Show. Those clubs from Traditional Golf look sensational. I actually own a set of their irons (TR1 and TR Cavity combo set) and love them.

Is that a black finish on the irons in the pic you posted?

Also, did you have a hit with the driver? Looks a beautiful shape. They have old school soleplates on them (butterfly and sweepback), I think?


Rich H. said...

yes, that's their black finish. Didn't get to hit their driver.


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