Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2-Day Lynn Blake Golf School - Orlando - Jan 22 & Jan 23

Where: The Faldo Golf Institute, Orlando
When: January 22-23,
Time: 9am to 5pm
Cost: $495 (PGA), $550 (non-PGA)...includes lunch
Teachers: Lynn Blake, Rick Murphy, Dan Malizia, David Graham (3Jack's personal putting instructor).

Lynn Blake, GSED, Director of Instruction, Lynn Blake Golf , LLC, will lead this event. Lynn was one of a handful of instructors trained personally and certified as Master Instructor by Homer Kelley, author of The Golfing Machine. Together with his staff instructors, he will open the door to a new understanding of the golf stroke, one that promises dramatic results in both your teaching and your game.

In a 61-page Workbook, here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

- A proven System – not Method -- for learning and teaching golf
- The Stroke Pattern concept – 24 components and ten trillion ways to get it right!
- 21 Principles that govern all golf strokes
- Hitters versus Swingers and the ten key differences in their stroke patterns
- Key alignments in each of the Three Zones (Body, Arms and Hands)
- The Twelve Sections of the stroke and how to translate precision mechanics to feel
- How to use the Flat Left Wrist and its three ‘feels’ to control the club face
- How to create and sustain Lag Pressure Point pressure -- The Secret of Golf –– to control the clubhead
- How to get on the Inclined Plane – and stay on it -- to control the clubshaft
- The Pivot Center concept – the key to Balance and Centered Arc
- Low point and why it matters
- Understanding the Delivery Line and the clubhead’s Arc and Angle of Approach
- Using the Delivery Line and Delivery Path concepts to guide the clubhead and hands from the top to the finish
- The Magic of the Right Forearm
- How to use the three basic Plane Lines and their nine different target line-stance line combinations for complete body and ball control
- Why open and closed stances really matter
- Educating your hands in their three planes of motion and nine wrist conditions
- The difference between Left Wrist ‘roll’ and ‘swivel’ and how each is used
- The Power Package – what it is and how to accumulate, load, store, deliver, and release it
- Achieving mechanical advantage using the Law of the Flail and the Endless Belt Effect
- The three kinds of lag and why two are never released
- The four sources of power, how to vary each from maximum to zero, and how to achieve maximum trigger delay
- Four ways to regulate power – clubhead mass and speed -- from drive to putt
- The six essentials of a correct pivot and how to use it to produce centrifugal force, on plane motion and a centered arc
- Foot and knee action controls for maximum balance and precision application of power
- The difference between hip action and hip turn and how to use it for maximum on plane right shoulder turn thrust
- The difference between grip pressure, pressure point pressure, and especially, lag pressure
- ‘Dragging the wet mop’ and why its feel is so important
- How to use the right arm to achieve width and structure in the golf stroke
- Three loading actions and five release triggers
- Two alignments that will radically and instantly improve almost anyone’s short game (including your student’s and probably your own)
- A 45-item checklist for all strokes, including four alignments for a perfect Start-up, seven alignments for a perfect Top, six alignments for a perfect Impact, and five alignments for a perfect Finish
- Why the myths of ‘preserve the triangle’, ‘swing towards the target’, and the ‘inside to along the line to inside’ clubhead path are so destructive (and what to do instead)
- The three procedures and three visualizations of an effective pre-shot routine
- A five-step process for a winning mental game

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Tom said...

This will be a great time and learning experience. Rick is my instructor and I have worked one time with Yoda. Great guys. Lots of info in two days.