Sunday, January 11, 2009

TOMI Putting System

I've had posts talking about and analyzing the Science and Motion Puttlab software (aka SAM Puttlab). The SAM Puttlabs are not affordable for most golfers, going for about $8-10K for the software (when I win the lottery, I'll be sure to get one).

However, there's a solid alternative to SAM Puttlab software that is affordable called the TOMI Putting System. The local PGA Tour Superstore from my home is selling TOMI for $199. Here's some promotional videos for TOMI:

I'd still suggest looking for an instructor who utilizes the SAM Puttlab software because it's more elaborate and measures 3 x's more parameters of the putting stroke, but if you cannot find an instructor near you with the SAM Puttlab software then this is an excellent alternative.



Anonymous said...

If you go to the gasp systems website they have an interesting comparison between Sam and TOMI.

Rich H. said...

Thanks for the info.

Tomi Putting said...

The TOMI website has been updated and so has the software. Great customer support and great features, very in depth analysis for pros and novices.