Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bow To Cross Bow Swing Concept

Here's an interesting concept on how to swing the golf club:

I understand the backswing part of it, but I'm still a little confused into exactly what the downswing motion/swing thought/swing feel is. Here's what the video poster said about it over on GolfWRX.

I think the most accurate way to describe it is that you are pulling everything away from 'your' target on the downswing, which is the ball. Initially when I got this backswing nailed down I couldn't figure out why I was still slinging DTL. Where it has improved, and has room for improvement for me.....is that I pull with the right side also. Maintaining my angles and pulling in the direction of increasing those angles.

I really like this video because it's instruction based around the pivot, the lifeblood of the golf swing. I'll have to at least try the backswing pivot part of this motion and combine it with the pre-torque at address.


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