Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Look Into the Poll Question: Mike Maves

Name: Mike Maves
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Notable Works: 'The Secret Is In The Dirt' e-book
Notable YouTube Vids: 'The Move', 'Moe/Ben Hogan Secret', 'Fireside Chat About Moe Norman and Ben Hogan'
Web site:,

There's three factors that helped me improve my golf swing by leaps and bounds were:

1. Brian Manzella's YouTube video 'Hips, Hands and Clubhead' which allowed me to understand what happens in the thru pivot.

2. David Orr's video explaining the accumulators which got me back into left side connection throughout the swing and "blasting the left arm off the chest."

3. Mike Maves' 'The Secret Is In The Dirt' e-book.

I first came across Maves when I was fooling around on YouTube and read that he learned Ben Hogan's 'secret' from Moe Norman. Maves had an excellent swing and looked like he was absolutely striping the ball with major power. Still, I remained a bit skeptical because almost on a yearly basis there's somebody claiming they know Hogan's 'secret.' But as he kept on posting videos, more and more of what he was talking about made sense and he kept on striping the ball into the lake.

Eventually the infamous thread got started and I started off reading the first few pages, but largely ignored it since it was getting out of control. Eventually I kept on reading about the amazing success posters were having using Maves' method, but I really didn't fully grasp it. So, I was eager to read his book 'The Secret Is In The Dirt.'

As I've mentioned in my reviews, 'The Secret Is In The Dirt' at the very least is what the future of golf instruction books should be. Not only did it contain text and pictures, but it also included YouTube videos now available in the new Adobe Acrobat reader. Furthermore, the book goes into the *journey* of Maves' discovery. Not only does he make his instruction very easy to understand, but reading about the journey just made it more of an interesting read.

However, I was still skeptical that Maves' book would work for me. One of the interesting things I found about the book (and his video) was when he asked Moe Norman what the most important part of the swing and Moe replied 'the pivot!' From there I thought and thought about it and concluded that Moe was pretty much right and that got the entire improvement of my golf swing started. I then had to re-learn what was a good pivot and then re-learn how to achieve a proper pivot.

And that's what Mike's e-book accomplished. It did work for me. In fact, it worked for me almost right away, once I finally understood what the secret and the move is and more importantly understanding what I did wrong when I did not do the secret and the move correctly.

I see a lot of Mike's fans also read this blog. And after watching shots like this, anybody can see why he has followers like this:

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